petak, 28. prosinca 2012.

Nokia big transformer

Nokia big transformer - Nokia high demand
CEO of Nokia is very pleased with situation in Nokia, how he said our hard work is getting paid. Demand for Lumia phones 920 is huge, with China and India, Europe and ATT, Nokia is making big steps to  a success. But we must remember last year, when commercially everything started, it looked that Nokia made right steps, but numbers of sales show limited demand. What is different this year, than last year, Nokia did learn, and payed for mistakes, they learned what they must do, what to build and even more what is important to company, right products and vip consumer service, vip service and product is important if they offer add value with super products, product will sell and will be big hit. So these days we can see that Nokia Lumia 920 is  big story, Nokia made return to the top of mobile phones, data will follow because popularity of Nokia is rasing day by day, moto fresh and new be different and pay less price. Add apps on Nokia and exclusively on NOKIA make lumia exclusive phone for people who want personality and something new, with best performance

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