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Nokia ex-workers what they say how is to work in Nokia

"One of the best places I've worked at”


Pros Great ethos, flat and democratic, full of passionate, innovative people. Respectful of the individual. Elop is good news, driving positive change.
Cons Too Finland-heavy in senior management, need more diversity - this is happening.
Sometimes to democratic and overly collaborative,

Advice to Senior Management More women, more diversity on the board, this is changing with Elop on board. Stick to your values - they work.

Image: YLE

Other comments:

1.“A great work environment that offers competative pay and benefits but not much room for career growth.

2.Mixed feelins

3.“good for hardware band for long term projects

4.Good company in challenging situation

5.A good place to advance a career and gain valuable skills, but ultimately lacking in needed speed and agility.

6.Great company to work for

7.“Great company with a long road ahead

8.“Great place to work


And many others comments,

59% of workers approve of the CEO, and 66 percent of workers would refer company to others.

source: glassdoor








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