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Nokia shown big growth in US from October

Data shows From October till 25 december that market share of Nokia grown 2,35 times, from 1.85 at start October till 25 december when Nokia had 4.35 percent share in market, so data shows that Nokia selling smartphones at great pace , 2nd grower in market share was Samsung..... So if Nokia grown 2.35 times more, what that means in numbers, so if we have total of 350 million of smartphones in US market, market share of Nokia at start of October was 1,85 percent or in numbers 6,475 million of smart phones,  at 25 December that was around 4,35 percent  or in numbers 15, 225 million or  
8 750 000 phones more I'm not writing that Nokia sold 8 750 000 lumias, but easy can be around 4 millions only in US, if we add data from Europe, where is sold around 7-8 million Windows mobile phones, and around 80 percent is Nokia lumia we get at least 10 million lumias is sold in only in Europe and US  wihout any part of world till 25th December. So this  are encouraging news in favor of stockholders of  Nokia.
 Source statscounter mobile

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